Global responsibility? Is part of good style for us.

Since its inception, CBR Fashion Group's success has been based on integrity, honesty, fair business conduct and compliance with applicable laws.

We are also firmly convinced that the quality standards we set ourselves can best be implemented if we and our business partners work together for ecological, economic and social sustainability. We have therefore adopted the following regulations, which set out binding standards for employees and business partners:

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct describes the core values and principles to which the CBR Fashion Group is committed.

Compliance & Business Ethics Policy

In addition to the Code of Conduct, the Compliance & Business Ethics Policy, which specifies the central values and principles of the CBR Fashion Group by setting out certain non-negotiable minimum standards for the conduct of all employees in the course of business activities, applies to the employees of the CBR Fashion Group.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct defines our requirements for our suppliers with regard to relevant social and ecological aspects such as human rights, working conditions, environmental protection and business integrity.

Social Compliance Manual

For the suppliers of our articles, the Social Compliance Manual specifies the minimum standards we require to ensure fair, safe and healthy working conditions in the supply chain (for more information, see "Our responsibility").

Our whistleblower system

The Compliance & Business Ethics Policy of the CBR Fashion Group states: "We openly address potential risks and compliance violations." We take this requirement seriously and have therefore established a whistleblower system that is open to everyone for reporting compliance violations. Tips can be submitted confidentially and, if desired, completely anonymously through various reporting channels. Here is the link to our whistleblower system.