CBR Fashion Group
Facts & Figures

With its Street One and CECIL brands, the CBR Fashion Group is one of Germany’s Top Five womenswear companies. We are able to keep writing this success story because our staff of more than 1,200 employees is fascinated with fashion. They are the people who generate CBR’s success anew every day. Our creativity and efficiency have put us where we are today. As a company, we embody a love for our products and an outstanding speed of implementing fashion trends. 



FACT 1/7
Thanks to efficient processes, we translate a trend into fashion with outstanding speed. With our twelve new collections each year, 52 flash/repeat programs for reacting quickly to unanticipated trends and 24-48 hour delivery of particularly popular products, our partners always have the right products in the shop at the right time.
FACT 2/7
We work on a fair and continuous basis with suppliers and independent retail partners where they are located, and this has made us one of Germany’s Top Five womenswear companies. Our partners profit from our many years of brand expertise and our reliability.
FACT 3/7
Since CBR was founded in 1980, the wishes and needs of our customers have been the central focus of all our decisions.
FACT 4/7
CBR supplies over 8,200 sales points in 19 countries, including more than 2,700 system sales spaces (stores, shop-in-stores, corner) and 5,500 multi-lable sales spaces.
FACT 5/7
Approximately 160,000 fashion articles each day, more than 40 million each year. Now those are facts & figures!
FACT 6/7
Our teams work in a contemporary, creative global working environment. We welcome new ideas and independent decisions. We maintain an open discussion culture where employees can develop quickly and take on responsibility.
FACT 7/7
We’re one of the fastest fashion enterprises not only in Germany, but also around Europe. That’s why our brands are available where the customer is looking for them, from small towns to large cities and online in 19 countries throughout Europe.